Metacreator Updates

Latest Release: Metacreator 5.4.0 on June 22, 2017.

To use any of these updates, you must first have purchased a version of Metacreator. Buy Metacreator.

Install the Updates

  1. Under Windows Vista and later (Windows 7 and 8) the Updater must be run with a login that has administrator access and permission to modify the folders where it is installed.
  2. Exit Metacreator if it is running.
  3. Download the Metacreator Update Downloader application. Save it in a convenient folder.
  4. The next step depends on the version of Windows you're running.
    • Under Windows XP just execute the update downloader from your browser.
    • Under Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8:
      • Open Windows Explorer.
      • Open the folder that contains the Metacreator Update Downloader (a file named mcupdown.exe).
      • Double-click mcudown.exe.
      • Click Yes when the dialog appears that asks whether you want to allow the program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer. 
  5. Follow the instructions in the Update Downloader.

If you attempt to install the new version of the game system template in the same directory as the old version of the application, Setup will warn you. Do not install a newer game system template with an older application -- the template will not work with an older application.

By default the updater will show the license agreement and ask for the installation location for the Metacreator update itself, but updates of the templates will be installed automatically assuming the same directory. To force each update to be handled manually, hold the SHIFT key down when you click or press the Check button. This can be toggled for each update by holding SHIFT down when you click the Install button for each update.

For a summary of changes see the Change History, or the release notes that are displayed when the update is installed.

Updater Problems

Can't Download Updates

The message:

Metacreator does not appear to be installed. The updates cannot be downloaded.

indicates that the Windows registry does not contain an entry for Metacreator. If Metacreator is not installed, install it from CDROM or the original installation file.

If Metacreator is installed, the registry entry may not be found because you just restored  the Metacreator folder from backup without rerunning the installation, or the registry was destroyed or damaged, or because you have been running Metacreator with a Metacreator.ini file instead of the registry. To remedy this:

Exit the update downloader if it is running, then start it again.

The message:

The update definitions contain a definition with a bad format.

indicates that you are running an older version of the update downloader. You need to download the program again, but your browser may not be doing this properly. To make sure you are running the correct version of the downloader, clear your browser's cache (see the browser help for this). Then download the update downloader and try again.

If you get the following message:

The version of the files you are about to install is newer than the version that the installed application can handle.

You need to install the Metacreator update before you install the game system template update.

Updater Can't Find Previous Version

If the updater can't find the previous installation of the template there are two possible causes: 

In either case, the updater will display the following message: "No previous version of this application can be found." The easiest way to  resolve both these problems is to reinstall the template from the original installation disk (or setup program).

If you made custom changes, you may wish to save the changed files in another directory before reinstallation.

To avoid this problem in the future:

If you just copied the files (but did not change them), the updater may not be able to find the Metacreator directory. The (Default) value of the Windows Registry key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alter Ego Software\Metacreator\InstallDir

indicates where Metacreator is installed. Set this registry key to the full path of the folder where Metacreator is installed and the updater should be able to find it.

Access Control Problems

Under Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and later, all installations (and uinstallations) must be performed with a login that has administrator access and all permissions to modify the folders where Metacreator is to be installed.

Because Metacreator is so frequently modified by end users, it is recommended that it be installed under C:\Users\Public\Metacreator, and not C:\Program Files (x86).

If your computer is running Windows Vista or later and Metacreator is currently installed under C:\Program Files (x86), you should copy your installation to C:\Users\Public before updating it. To do this:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alter Ego Software\Metacreator\InstallDir



After the update finishes, you will be running Metacreator from C:\Users\Public\Metacreator instead. Make sure your desktop shortcuts point to the version of Metacreator in that folder.

Your previous installation of Metacreator will still be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Metacreator. When you are satisified that everything is working properly, you may delete that folder.

Expected Updates Aren't Listed or Files Not Found

The Update Downloader uses the standard Windows Internet interface to perform file downloading, which employs a file caching mechanism (Temporary Internet Files). Sometimes Windows doesn't recognize that a file has changed and uses the cached (older) version of the file instead of downloading a newer version from our web server. This may manifest itself by not listing the most recent updates, or by being unable to find the updater files. 

To fix this problem:

Windows will now get new copies of all files from web sites the next time you try to access them.

You may need to do this even if you don't normally use Internet Explorer as your web browser; the Update Downloader uses the Window Internet interface and does  not use your web browser.

Firewall and Proxy Problems

If you have a firewall or a proxy and you get the following message

The System Cannot Find the File Specified

it may indicate that your firewall or proxy is blocking connections to certain websites. Make sure that your system is configured to allow access to HTTP connections, and 

Reverting to a Previous Version

  1. Point the shortcuts on your desktop back to the previous version.
  2. Run the previous version of the application.
  3. Select the Utilities > Preferences... command.
  4. Change the Source Directory to the directory where the previous version is installed.


Online support is available at the Support Questions page.

Creator Updates

Hero Games discontinued sales of the Fuzion Creator, Hero Creator, Sengoku Creator, and Legends of the Five Rings Creator in 2001. To help users who have older versions of the software make conversions to Hero Designer we are providing old versions of the Creator software.

First, download one of these updates for the application:

The Creation Workshop application, version 1.9.5. Download this if you have an older version of Creation Workshop and you need this version for the Hero Designer conversion. You'll also need hero1.9.5.exe. The password for this file is in the Creation Workshop manual, usually stored at C:\Creator\Manual\CW.pdf, on page 2, words 5 and 6 on line 5.
The Creator application, version 1.9.5. Download this if you have an older version of Hero Creator and you need this version for the Hero Designer conversion. You'll also need hero1.9.5.exe. The password for this file is on page 3 of the Hero game system manual, usually stored at C:\Creator\Manual\Hero.pdf, words 4 and 5 on line 7.

Then download one of these updates:

The Hero 4 game system template, version 1.9.5. Download this if have Hero Creator or Creation Workshop 1.9.5.
The Hero 4 game system template. Download this if you have Metacreator.

The Hero 5th edition game system template is available in the files section of the CW discussion group on Yahoo Groups.

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