Metacreator Game Sessions

Now you can run your games completely in Metacreator! Its new Game Sessions feature can completely automate your tabletop game: set stats, make actions, display positions on maps, track damage, all without paper and pencil. If other players have laptops they can connect to your computer and track their stats in real time and make their own action choices. With the appropriate configuration of your broadband modem, you can make your Game Session server accessible on the Internet. You can run gaming sessions with players across the world!

To use this feature you must purchase the Game Session activation key. Without the key you will be able to try out game sessions for several minutes before you are prompted for the key. All users connected to the game session server must have their own activation key. Purchase the Game Sessions activation key or try the free demo, available with your Metacreator application.

Basic features include:

The exact commands and features will vary for each game system. Due to licensing restrictions game sessions for certain game systems may not be as full-featured as others.

Networking Features

Mapping Features

System Requirements

The Game Sessions feature is included in the core Metacreator application, but purchase of an activation key is required to use the sessions for more than a few minutes. Each player accessing the game session server requires their own activation key. Purchase the Game Sessions activation key.

Metacreator Game Sessions has the following system requirements:

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