Metacreator Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing problems our first recommendation is to update your software and game system templates to the most recently released version. You should also update your character sheets after installing the software updates.

Contacting Alter Ego Software

The best way is to use the support web form.

If you need to contact us directly send your email to You must include the word "Metacreator" in the subject line. Because of the dozens of spam emails we receive each day, any messages that do not include Metacreator in the subject line may be lost. 

Wrong Setup Started

If another application installs when you try to install Metacreator, there may be an extra copy of SETUP.EXE in the same directory (folder) where you downloaded the Metacreator installation executable file.

To fix this problem:

Run the downloaded file again to retry the installation.

Unexpected Token

This error message may appear when you open a character sheet that you received as an attachment to an email. It means the character sheet was corrupted during transmission, or by the email application. Some email applications inadvertently change files that appear to be text by substituting instances of the carriage return character with carriage return/line feed combinations. This corrupts the character sheet, rendering it unreadable.

Solution: Put the character sheet in a ZIP file and send the ZIP file as an attachment. 

Does Metacreator run on Vista, Windows 7 and 8?

Metacreator runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. When you install Metacreator you must use an administrator login.

On Windows Vista and later, you should install Metacreator in C:\Users\Public\Metacreator. This allows all users to access Metacreator and makes it easy to customize Metacreator by adding your own data data sheets. See Access Control Problems if you're having troubles updating your installation of Metacreator on Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

You should not install Metacreator in C:\Program Files [or C:\Program Files (x86)] under Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

If you install old versions of Metacreator templates (for Ars Magica 4 and SRD 3.0), in order to use the help for those templates you will need to follow the instructions for downloading and installing the Windows Help Engine from Microsoft's website.

Why don't headings appear when I print my character sheet?

There is a known issue in Windows with reinstalling a game system that installs fonts for the character sheet (including Ars Magica 5, Savage Worlds, etc.) that causes text that uses the reinstalled fonts to "disappear." Restart your computer and the headings should reappear.

I get a 404 page not found when try to place an order

This may be due to your browser preventing the PayPal popup from opening. Try another browser, or enable popups temporarily.

The Installer/Uninstaller Hangs

Certain antivirus software causes installation and uninstallation programs to become unresponsive and hang. This can happen to the Metacreator installer and uninstaller. If either of these applications hang, use your antivirus software to directly scan the Metacreator install/uninstall .EXE file for viruses. If it is infected, contact us via our support web form for a replacement. If it is not infected, turn off your antivirus software temporarily, run the install/uninstall, and then turn your antivirus software on again.

The Updater Isn't Updating

If you're running Windows Vista, Window 7 or later, you need to run the updater as administrator.

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