Metacreator Beta Updaters

Beta version 5.3.7 is available for Metacreator and the Call of Cthulhu template.

Updaters for beta versions are available here. To use any of these updates, you must first have purchased a version of Metacreator, and installed it on your computer. Click here to buy Metacreator.

For a summary of changes since the previous version and special instructions for installing multiple versions of the application, see the release notes for each application, game system or supplement after you install them.

Install the Beta Version

The Metacreator Update Downloader must be at least version from November, 2014. When you check the Beta Version checkbox, the updater will automatically install the beta version of Metacreator and its supplements in a separate Beta folder. Your original installation of Metacreator will be left intact and can be used at any time. The file extensions will remain associated with the original installation (that is, if you double-click a character sheet from Windows Explorer the original installation of Metacreator will be started).

  1. Exit Metacreator if it is running, and close any other open documents in the Metacreator folder.
  2. Download a new copy of the Metacreator Update Downloader application. Save it in a covenient location. If you recently downloaded the Update Downloader you should clear your browser cache before downloading it again to ensure you get the most current version.
  3. Run the Metacreator Update Downloader. If you're running Windows Vista, or later follow the instructions for running the Update Downloader as an administrator
  4. Check the Beta Version checkbox.
  5. Click the Check button. The Update Downloader should find the release installation of Metacreator.
  6. Click the Download button. The files for your game systems and supplements will be downloaded.
  7. Click the Install button. The Update Downloader will prompt you for the Beta Test installation directory, usually C:\Program Files\Metacreator Beta. This must be different from the current installation directory. 
  8. The Update application for the Metacreator application itself will launch. It looks in the current release directory to ensure that you have Metacreator installed, then it launches Metacreator setup to install the beta version of the application in the Beta Test directory. Your original installation will remain intact.
  9. Once the beta software is installed the release notes will be displayed. Once you have read the release notes, close them and return to the Update Downloader.
  10. Repeat the update process for each supplement or system you have installed by clicking the Install button for each one.

Beta versions of all the shortcuts are added to the Metacreator group on the Windows Start menu and the desktop, leaving all the original shortcuts intact.

The entries in the Windows Registry remain associated with the original installation. A file called Metacreator.ini is created in the Beta folder and all configuration information for the Beta version is stored there.

If you're installing a beta release of a supplement select the Beta folder where the Beta version of Metacreator is installed. If you install a supplement in the Beta Test directory from a download or CDROM it will be marked as a beta release.

You can uninstall the Metacreator beta by selecting Uninstall Metacreator Beta from the Metacreator menu on the Windows Start menu.

Reverting to the Original Version

If you used the previous version of the Metacreator Update Downloader you may need to revert back to the original installation. The best way to do this is to run the Update Downloader and reinstall the latest release (non-beta) version of the software in the original Metacreator folder.

You may also revert manually with the following steps:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alter Ego Software\Metacreator\InstallDir

Updater Problems

See the Updates page for solutions to update problems.