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The following methods are available for purchasing Metacreator products:

See the ordering notes below if you have questions about what products you should order.

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Fudge Products (See all products)

Metacreator with Fudge
Metacreator with Fudge. Metacreator/Fudge template bundle
Download: $29.95
Fudge Template
Fudge Template. Fudge template alone -- buy this if you already own Metacreator.
Download: $14.95

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Ordering Notes

If you previously purchased Metacreator, you can update to the latest version at no charge. See the updates page

If you want Metacreator and a single game system, buy the appropriate Metacreator/game system bundle. If you want Metacreator and two or more game systems, the most economical way is to buy one of the bundles and the other game system templates.

Downloading Instructions

If you're downloading one of our products, you will receive an email shortly after placing your order. 

Note: If you do not receive the email within an hour or so, check your spam filter to see if intercepted the message. Many spam filters flag messages containing URLs as spam. Also check that the email address you use with PayPal is current, active, and spelled correctly. If your PayPal email address is wrong, you will never receive the email.

If you still have problems, use the Metacreator Support form to request assistance. Check the Order Problem button and enter the PayPal order ID in the Order ID field of the form. Tell us what products you ordered in the Full Description field.

The email receipt will summarize the order and give you one or more URLs to click in order to download the product. In most email applications you can click the URL to automatically start your web browser and begin the download.

The email will include a long URL similar to the following:

If you ordered multiple products, there will be a separate URL line for each downloaded product.

We recommend that you save this file in an empty folder. To install the software, click the Open button in your browser's download dialog when the download is complete. You can also double-click the file in the Windows Explorer window.

You will have 48 hours to download the product. If you cannot successfully perform the download within that time, please report an order problem on the Metacreator Support form.

Manual Downloading

Most of the time you should be able to click on the URL in the email message to directly start the download. If your email application does not have this functionality, copy the URL and paste it into the Address field in your web browser. Some email applications may split long URLs across lines. If this happens, copy and paste the pieces into a single line with no spaces and paste that into the Address field of  your web browser.

If you have further problems, please use the Metacreator Support form to report your problems.

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