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Ars Magica Fourth Edition Game System Template

Note: Ars Magica Fifth Edition supersedes Ars Magica Fourth Edition, but you can still obtain the Fourth Edition template (see below).

The Ars Magica 5th Edition game system template is now available. If you already own the Fourth Edition, you can download the free update to Fifth Edition from our Updates section.

The Ars Magica 4th Edition game system template provides whole-character and covenant management, from creation, to study and training, to spell research and enchanting magical devices. Game system rules and adjustments are built in with thousands of data items ready to use from fourteen Ars Magica source books. All data is fully customizable, with character sheet, spell book, encounter group, HTML and RTF stat block outputs.

The Ars Magica game system template was developed with the permission and assistance of Atlas Games, Inc.

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Obtaining Ars Magica Fourth Edition


  • Includes data from Ars Magica, 4th Edition, The Wizard's Grimoire, Faeries, Hedge Magic, The Dragon and the Bear, Ordo Nobilis, Ultima Thule, Kabbalah, A Medieval Tapestry, The Mythic Seas, The Mysteries, Blood and Sand, A Mediaeval Bestiary, The Black Monks of Glastonbury and Land of Fire and Ice.
  • Screen shots: Ariel and Philipe.
  • Printed character sheet examples: Ariel, Ariel's Grimoire and Robert.
  • HTML output for displaying characters on the web: Ariel, Fabienne.
  • RTF output for inclusion in word processing documents: Philipe.
  • Create covenants--Metacreator does all the bookkeeping: Triamore.
  • Create creatures such as dragons--ability data from the bestiaries are included.
  • Optional combat rules from Ordo Nobilis.
  • Magi can be linked to covenant data sheets to make item creation simpler.
  • Combat summary sheet: example from Return of the Stormrider.
  • Character groups: group troupes or NPCs for a story together.
  • Computes statistics on weapons, including ability specialty bonuses for weapon, dodge, etc. (see Brawling, Single Weapon and Shield and Weapon abilities on Robert).
  • Virtue, Flaw and Spell page reference index to help you find the books where items are defined.
  • Print grimoires with the full text of spell descriptions--no more digging through books for spell details: Ariel.
  • Selection rules can be turned on to display only those spells with casting totals low enough for your character to learn.
  • Computes casting totals, including Affinity specialties and requisites.
  • Add your own abilities, spells, virtues, flaws, equipment, etc.
  • Character advancement methods:
    • Increasing Abilities and Arts: Story Experience, Practice, Training, Exposure, Lectio, Disputatio, Twilight Experience, Studying Vis
    • Studying books: Libri Quaestionum, Summae, Tractati, spell books
    • Learning new spells
    • Enchanting devices: Prepare for Enchantment, Attune Talisman, Invest Device, Invest Lesser Device, Recharge Device, Create Charm against Magic, Imprints (from the Wizard's Grimoire).
    • Inventing Spells
    • Make Potion: potions that mimic spells, longevity potions
    • Vis Extraction
    • Enchant Familiar
    • Initiation into secret societies
    • Writing Books: Libri Quaestionum, Summae, Tractati, commentaries, glosses, spell books
  • Automatic handling of aging rolls during character advancement.
  • History of all character advancement activity is maintained and can be printed in multiple ways (see p. 2 of Robert).
  • Override standard houses, Virtues, Flaws, etc., with your own custom items.

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The application Metacreator is required. The Metacreator & Ars Magica game system template bundle includes everything you need, if you have not previously purchased Metacreator.

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