Ars Magica Fifth Edition

Ars Magica™ Fifth Edition Game System Template

The Ars Magica Fifth Edition game system template provides whole-character and covenant management, from creation, to study and training, to spell research and enchanting magical devices. Game system rules and adjustments are built in with hundreds of data items ready to use from Ars Magica Fifth Edition. All data is fully customizable, with character sheet, spell book, encounter group, HTML and RTF stat block outputs.

If you already own Metacreator, you can buy the Ars Magica game system template. Otherwise you can buy the Metacreator/Ars Magica bundle.

The Ars Magica game system template was developed with the permission and assistance of Atlas Games, Inc. The Ars Magica 4th edition template is available through the updater after you install the Fifth Edition.


Templates for the True Lineages and Guardians of the Forests, Societates and Lion and the Lily, Covenants, Mysteries Revised and Mystery Cults, Realms of Power: Magic and Realms of Power: Divine are available separately.

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Buy the Ars Magica game system template

The Metacreator application is required if you purchase the Ars Magica template alone. The Metacreator & Ars Magica game system template bundle includes everything you need, if you have not previously purchased Metacreator.

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